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07/10/2011, 07:39 PM
Announcing Spokane/Coeur D' Alene Reef Society, AT SEAMAX!!!

For those members of our club, who may not be aware, our club will have a booth, at SeaMax, July 23-24th, in Seattle, WA! So far, it's looking like Joanne, Aaron, Angie and myself will be working our club booth, representing our club, at this exciting event!! Anyone else interested?

We'll have a club aquarium, at our booth, to sell frags out of. Frags will be sold, directly by our club, as well as personally, by members of our club. Attending members, who would like to sell frags are asked to donate some time to working at our booth. A portion of personal frag sales will also be donated back to the club. After all, without the club, we'd have no booth! For members wishing to donate corals, to the club's sale, but unable to attend, please contact Joanne or myself. We both have tanks set up, with areas designated to hold donated corals, for SeaMax. So far, it's looking like our club is going to have a whole lot of frags available! Generous members, who have already donated many frags, will help us raise funds for, raffle items, for future meetings, among other things, and our summer BBQ. As far as I know, Joanne's tank is almost completely full of donated corals. I still have plenty of room in mine though. I know several of us are planning to sell corals, as well. I spent some time today, cutting frags, as well as several frags I'd cut a few weeks ago. Should have done this much sooner, to give them more time to heal and encrust, but time got away from me.

If you're still not involved, but would like to be, just let us know and we'd love to have your help and attendance!!

For more information, about SeaMax, please visit the Sea-Max website, http://www.marineaquariumexpo.com/SEAMAX%20INDEX.html

For advanced ticket sales, including a discount, (discount deadline is July 14th), please reat the information, SeaMax has provided on our club forum, http://spcdareefs.org/forum/index.php?topic=452.0

Let's have fun, representing our amazing club, at SeaMax this year!!