View Full Version : Problems with RO Membrane output

08/14/2011, 08:25 PM
I actually found some info on the airwaterice website faq section and followed the guidance and am still stumped. My brand new installed RO membrane has a TDS output of anywhere between 20-10 TDS. Here's what I did:

- After 6+ years I finally replaced the membrane in my Typhoon III (mightve even been 7 years, I'm serious :-) !)

- Anyway, I also needed to replace my pre-filters. I put in: one 10 micron polyspun filter, one 5 micron carbon block, and one 0.5 micron carbon block

- i fast flushed and di bypassed for 1 hour

The TDS before DI started really high (30-45) even after the fast flush. Eventually it came down.

The pre-filters aren't from airwaterice and just ones i picked up at sears.

I checked the installation of the membrane and all looks good.

Is it my pre-filters?
Or does my membrane still need to break in?

Any help would be so greatly appreciated!