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08/18/2011, 05:16 AM
Good day all. My first post here.
I am in the beginning stages of setting up a saltwater aquarium. I have purchased my tank (40 Breeder) and will be building a stand in the coming weeks. I chose this tank for 3 reasons. First is this is probably the largest tank I can get in the space provided to me. Second Surface area. This tank has the same surface area of a 75 gallon tank and finally while I will be starting off FOWRL (Or dry rock to be exact) I will at some point be interested in corals. My research has led me to the shorter tank as it will penetrate light to lower portions of the tank easier than a taller tank. I will also be incorporating a refug/sump in the way of a 20 gallon long tank (DIY project) I read that a refuge is more beneficial than a wet dry filter and have decided on this with a protein skimmer as my choice.
My first questions i have that I continue to find conflicting information on is in fact the refugium. The bubble trap, is this needed? I have read both ways on this question and am confused. Filtering media, (Floss pads or foam sponge type) is this needed? My basic thought on this is that i will have my inlet to refugium on far left flowing into a "Sock" also in this first compartment will be the skimmer. Then a divider. Second area will house live sand maybe some LR rubble and Macro Algae. A second divider. Third compartment will contain return to tank pump. It seems pretty simple. Is this design something that will work?

08/18/2011, 05:45 AM
Sounds like you are going down the right path for your sump. I have a 210rr and 100g rubbermaid stock tank for my sump. My drains go into a filter sock(200 micron) inside a rubbermaid tub(which houses my protein skimmer), and then over flows into another tub(inside the 100 stock tank) containing chaeto. My return pump is fed from the bottom of the stock tank.

Thanks, Steve

Ron Reefman
08/18/2011, 06:08 AM
I will work and you shouldn't have issues with bubble if you use a sock.

One comment, have you considered the flow rates past the skimmer and thru the refugium? If you are feeding the skimmer from the sump rather than directly from the tank, you are probably OK. If you are feeding the skimmer directly from the DT, then that flow plus the regular drain flow may be too much for the refugium. A lot of people split the drain and run it to both ends of the sump. Refugium at one end with the flow set as slow as you want and the skimmer at the other end with the flow set as high as you want. The evaporation/ return pump section in the middle getting flow from both sides.

Good luck and welcome to RC. Take your time and enjoy the process, it isn't all about the end result.

08/18/2011, 06:23 AM
The skimmer will draw its water from the compartment # 1 where it feeds in from main tank. I have seen how people split off there returns to feed refugiums. I am looking to keep this as simple and low cost as possible so i want to keep the plumbing to a minimum.

08/18/2011, 07:14 AM
Nice simple design. I have quite a bit of flow through my refugium and don't have any issues with it. Best of luck with the tank!

08/19/2011, 04:54 AM
After some more research on Refugium's I have decided to go with two tanks below DT. One ten gallon strictly for refugium and another (not sure of size yet) for skimmer and pumps Etc.. I want to place the refugium tank slightly higher than sump tank and have it gravity feed into sump for return to tank. Instead of splitting my main tank drain line I plan to put a smaller water pump and pump water from sump to refugium. Is there a recommended flow rate for a refugium? Also I will be attempting to drill the glass on these smaller tanks on my own will 1 inch buldheads be sufficient for this gallonage setup?