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08/23/2011, 03:11 PM
I have a 260l aquarium and has been running great for a while now.recently I have had to clean the glass inside everyday which comes off like a dust when cleaning.Also my sand is completely green after sifting it.now my corals are looking like they are dying! Been to the local aquatics and added ROWA PHOS and ROWA CARBON to my sump.I tested it just before and the PO4 was at 1.Just wondering if anyone knows how long before i can see a change and if my corals will survive,obviously patience is the key but this has never happened before so im new to this.Can anyone help or tell me where I am going wrong! I am new to REEF CENTRAL so woulod like to get to know people if possible please thank you

08/23/2011, 04:11 PM
First... welcome to RC!

When you say the tank has been running awhile, how long is awhile? a month? two?
Usually you'll need to cycle your tank for about a month before you should be adding any kind of livestock.

If you want any meaningful help, we'll need to know a lot more about your tank setup.
Whats in your tank? What kind of lighting are you using? Whats your specific gravity? How much Liverock do you have?

Phosphate at 1 is pretty high.... So either you're over feeding, your filtration system isn't working, or your rocks are leeching phosphate.

08/23/2011, 05:14 PM
PO4 at 1.0 will kill most corals.
I had high PO4 like that.
I changed 32 oz of Phosguard every 4 days, while skimming superwet, and changing 150 gallons of water a week in my 400.

You may want to check your alk too. High PO4 + Alk = Hair Algae

08/23/2011, 06:17 PM
Do you use RODI water? If not, that may be the primary source of your phosphates. Running GFO through a media reactor will help bring your phosphates under control but you also need to figure out the source of the problem.