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08/24/2011, 06:02 PM
I know there is no one right answer for this sort of thing, but I figured this is what RC is for, to share opinons and ideas and help each other out. I'm in the process of aquascaping my 210 soon to be mixed reef and need some opinions. So let me hear 'em!


I built these 3 pillars using plastic rods and hydraulic cement. I built them for a 135 I was setting up that never got past the leak test phase. The bottom cracked and after a long day's hard work I ended up with some super clean carpets in my basement. It's another GlassCages horror story, but I can't blame it all on them. They specifically say they are not responsible if you build your own stand... and I did. It took 2 years before I decided it was time to try again. One thing I did not like about the 135, other than the whole water leaking out thing, was that it was too narrow. I out grew my 55 quickly and the biggest issue was with coral growing to wide for it. I decided to go with a 180 instead because it had the same demensions except it was wider. I shopped around for months before I decided I did not like that the 180 was as tall as it was wide. Too me it looked too squaty. Soooo I decided on a 210 and so far I can't be happier. I upgraded the top of the stand from plywood to granite slab and went with a temperd bottom tank. No more cracked bottom panes for me! It passed a month long leak test and today I decided to set test fit the 3 pillars I had created.



IDK. In the 135 they looked awesome. In the 210 they seem a bit small. I like an open "minimalist" look to some degree, but does the tank look too empty? I didn't space them out evenly because I'm considering adding a large pile or tower or something to the right corner. Something about the size of two of the pillars put together that goes all the way up to the top of the tank. What do you think? Are the three pillars enough or should a I add a large 4th rock/pile of rocks on the right back corner? Or something else?

Couple more shots...



08/24/2011, 06:31 PM
In my opinion I will add more rock and sand.

08/24/2011, 06:36 PM
Needs a lot more rocks, you should add some LR with coraline to seed those rocks you got. Even if you're going for a simple aquascape, I think you should still add at least another 50lbs of rocks. :twitch:

08/24/2011, 06:47 PM
Sand is comming. I also plan on removing the eggcrate and placing a 1/4" sheet of plexi on the bottom of the tank to relieve any pressure points from the rocks and protect it (some what) incase of a rock slide. Most of it is dry base rock right now (with the exception of the top piece on the right side). I have a 55gal fuge/sump with 100+ pounds of liverock that the 210 will be plumbed to, so seeding it won't be a problem.

08/24/2011, 06:57 PM
i would move the one on far right over to the right and place a smaller on in its place. that way you would have 4 towers of different sizes and shapes and more natural looking

08/24/2011, 07:10 PM
It all depends on what kind of fish and corals you want to keep. Something like that would be great if you want to emphasize fast moving fish. But if you really like corals, then more rock would allow you to add more coral. Plan your stocking and then let us rethink your scaping.