View Full Version : turbo snails eating acan/zoas?

08/27/2011, 10:01 PM
okay so first i found my turbo on a zoa, the zoa looked abraised when i took the snail off...

today i just found it chilling on my *healing* acan, and when i took it off, one of the heads has been eaten!!!

i think it's cause there is ZERO algae in my tank and they are starving.. 26gal with buncha hermits and 2 turbos... as my other thread stated i redid my tank, went from POUNDS of algae to probably not 1 strand. should i ditch both snails or keep 1?

08/27/2011, 11:37 PM
I doubt the snail is eating your corals to be honest. However if there's no algae then I don't see the point of the snails anyways. They just knock stuff over and die when they fall on their backs. I'm sticking to Nassarius snails myself.