View Full Version : Do you ever lose interest/get frustrated?

08/29/2011, 01:31 AM
I think I'm starting lose interest in the hobby. It costs a lot of money,time, and patience. I'm struggling to keep myself interested.

I've lost so many fish and not many things seem to go right in my tank. In the past three months I've lost a blue hippo tang, a yellow clown goby, 3 blue mandarins, and 3 clownfish.

The worst part is, they were ALL EATING! they seemed perfectly fine and happy and then they just disappear. I just assume the clean up crew ate them up.

Corals don't seem very happy... probably because of the light change from metal halide to T5s but its been over a month now and I'd expect them to adapt to the new lighting. They aren't growing like they used to under the metal halide.

When I check my tank's parameters, they are all spot on. close to perfect water chemistry.

Not sure if I want to keep going. I've didn't had a good looking reef at any time and I don't expect to either.

Anyone else get frustrated at their reef?

08/29/2011, 01:54 AM
Its hard to kill off fish but one thing will do it. Low oxygen levels. From low water flow or having a lid on the tank that prevents good gas exchange at the surface.

08/29/2011, 05:14 AM
Do you ever lose interest/get frustrated?

Yes, but if fish are just plain dissapearing w/o a trace you might want to look for crab. I had a rock crab in my 200 gallon years ago and he took out several fish from a purple tang to clownfish. It wasn't till he took out my blue spot jawfish did I find his hiding spot.