View Full Version : bunch of baby clown gobies to come ;)

08/30/2011, 10:00 AM
well i wanted to get rid of these two little cute adorable guys..
even managed to catch one and the second was just a matter of time !!

but they missed each other and the wife,kids liked them because they are so much fun to watch chase each other i decided to keep the little buggers..
even if my sps mili don't open up as much in the day time :(

now the have srtip the underside of a coral (nothin serious doesn't realy show)
and notied hundreds of eggs..

i have done the clown fish babies and managed to bring up quite alot of them:beer: and sold them all to the lfs but MAN that was a full time job.
verry rewarding i must say but lots of work..
don't think i will attemps this the the gobies being so small and i don't have any cultires going nor planning to..

unless some here has had experience with them and can share his experience and info...maybe i would :headwally: try it hehehehe


08/30/2011, 12:57 PM
I was told that you are not supposed to have 2 if you have acros.
They strip the acro to lay eggs.

08/30/2011, 01:37 PM
yep !! you got the right info:eek1: i unfortunatly trusted a
fellow reefer before checking here a while back about these guys..

thats why i wanted them out..but having many acro they only made a nest on the bottom of one where it doesn't sho much!!!!

they are cool and not damaging much so i'm keeping an eye on them !!