View Full Version : "Used" miracle mud? and how to best store

08/31/2011, 09:39 AM
Ok, I have gone through a lot of the posts on miracle mud and it seems to boil down to a split opinion on whether it helps and only a couple who think it hurts. General concensus of not being worth the money- I ask because I picked up a new (to me) 240g this weekend that has been running miracle mud for 8 months in the fuge. I finally got it out last night (filled two salt buckets-big fuge) and put some fresh salt water in with it.
I am wondering 1) should I bother since it may be dying from the move and be hard to store in the next 4-6 weeks for the total tank transition; and 2) if so, how best to keep any good critters alive? With live sand I would put a powerhead and get some flow. The mud just doesn't have much movement- same storage thoughts?
Just don't want to cause any additional problems, like die off, to make the transition harder than it will already be. tossing it as flower bed fertilizer a serious consideration (might be like returning it home).
Thanks for thoughts.
BTW- not planning on going skimmerless or anything similar- will transition my warner bio-pellets in reactor plus dual carbon/gfo reactor and large skimmer. Also going to go for a macroalgae combo in fuge- and will alter bio pellets accordingly.

08/31/2011, 10:29 AM
Do you have a microscope? I'm going to guess that although there isn't much movement at a macroscopic level, it's likely to have a lot of movement microscopically.

storing it at a good temperature and doing some water changes (since it's likely that a bunch of detritus will spike the ammonia since it's been moved) for 4-6 weeks should be fine. I personally would do some ammonia and nitrite tests again when you transition it to the permanent fuge before putting it back online.

I don't use miracle mud, but I do like a very fine grain sand and think that having a large remote sandbed with a lot of life in it may be one of the reasons why my last setup had such ridiculous growth and the new setup does not.

08/31/2011, 01:18 PM
Storing mine in a bucket. I'll put fresh salt water in every few days and keep it cool in the house next to the tank.

Covered, of course! Stinky.