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09/04/2011, 08:53 AM
due to a move of apartments I had to take down my last tank and plan for a rebuild. There wasn’t a great place for the old tank in the new apartment, or at least not a place my wife and I could agree on. And since my last tank thread was a bit of a bust its time to start over.

The new tank will be a built-in rather than rimless. This decision was mostly based on where the tank fit in the new apartment, but also based on my wife’s wish that everything be hidden from view. The tank dimensions are 48” x 20” x 16”. I want something longer to give more room for corals, mostly SPS, and the 20” depth is limited by the niche where the cabinet will be built. I prefer a shallow tank, but also want to limit total gallons. A lot of the trouble I had with the previous tank were lack of space for equipment, among other things, and the goals for this tank are based on the failures of the last. The larger dimensions will give me much more room for equipment underneath, as well as more tank volume for stability.


My initial plan for equipment is as follows. This will likely morph as the details are developed.
48”x20”x16” acrylic tank with external overflow (66 gallons)
34”x16”x16” simple sump
deltec skimmer in sump (I will reuse the skimmer from my last tank)
remote refugium/quarantine tank in cabinet above tank
LED lighting (controlled by Apex controller)


Circulation and Calk/Alk supplements are still to be determined, but these will need to be significantly improved from the last tank. with plenty of discussion to follow.

09/04/2011, 09:18 AM
How the heck did you make such a good drawing?

09/04/2011, 09:19 AM
Google sketch

Nice setup

09/04/2011, 01:31 PM
the images were created with Google SketchUp. I do this quite a bit for work as an architect and also as a consultant on large custom tank installations. Its a great program as it is easy to use and simple to learn. the benefit of knowing how things will look in advance, and how the fit in 3D, far outweigh the cost of building the models.