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09/08/2011, 09:46 AM
My 75 mixed reef has to come down for carper replacement. It is running well but still has its ups and downs. I would like to limit the downs so I am going to upgrade. I am replacing the tank and stand and adding a 40 gallon cube tank to the system. I think the 75 will become a Softie and LPS Tank with less current and lots of fish and the 40 Cube will become an SPS Tank with lots of current and a few fish. I think I have enough sump, skimmer, and return capacity to run both.

I'm looking for feedback for the concept and suggestions as to how I can improve the system. Nothing is off limits. Thanks in advance for the help.

The current system consists of the following:

30 Gallon DIY Sump with filter sock and 10 Gallon Fuge
The fuge section is fed by skimmer and lighted with 100 watt PCs
Return Pump: Pan World 50 P-X-X (also feeds 200 GPH the reactor)
DIY GFO reactor

Reef Octo Recirculating Needle Wheel (Rated for 150 Gallons)
Feed Pump: Little Giant MD2

Gravity fed using industrial liquid level switch and solenoid
Reservoir filled w/ saturated lime water

1X Korilla 4 and 1X Korilla 3

Modified Coralife 48" Fixture
2X 150W HQI Halides
6X 28 Watt T5HO