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09/18/2011, 10:35 AM
what do yours eat? I bought mine at the store and it looked to be eating some of the mix of food they put in there but now i havnt seen it either the mysis/brine/or reef caviar i have put in there. What are some other good foods to try?

09/18/2011, 02:57 PM
The three I added where I volunteer eat mostly PE mysis. Put them in the tank in April and they just started taking pellets, although not with gusto.

How long have you had it?

09/18/2011, 07:05 PM
I just got him on Thursday. At the moment I see him early in the morning and late at night

09/18/2011, 08:09 PM
I just got him on Thursday. At the moment I see him early in the morning and late at night

Is it the only fish in the tank? They are very easily intimidated by fast eating fish and it could take a while before he eats. Have you tried soaking the food in garlic? You could give live food a chance as well. Mine was the first in the tank and, despite hiding under a rock all day, he came out immediately as soon as I fed mysis and dug his burrow right after! :fish1: It's really weird but he went crazy for Tetramin (I know, not for Saltwater but I wanted to try for fun) flakes.

09/19/2011, 08:00 AM
x2 with tankmates. I was going to ask that next.

Another thing is, did you have the lfs feed him before you bought him? Mine were already eating at the fish store.

Most fish cannot resist PE mysis and has good fatty acids to help them recover after shipping.

09/19/2011, 08:04 AM
I have a pair in a 40 breeder that was setup just for the jawfish. They both eat mysis and will also eat pellets and flakes, but not with gusto like the mysis. They did not eat right away after acclimation, but picked up steam as the days went by. I sure yours will be fine.

09/20/2011, 07:33 AM
ok thanks for all the comments he is in a 55 reef with a blue tang, black oscellaris, melanarus wrasse. I see him out and about every now and then. I will just keep feeding my mixture of food (reef caviar, dehydrated brine, frozen mysis, and cyclop-eeze).