View Full Version : Carberryi anthias questions.

09/27/2011, 02:41 PM
I was thinking of purchasing maybe 4 Carberryi anthias from LA. For those keeping them were they hard to get feeding? Do they seem hardy? Do they maintain their color well? Do they get along with each other? Do they get along with other fish in the tank? Any information or insight would be greatly appreciated.

09/27/2011, 02:48 PM
I found them to be about the same hardiness as ignitus or dispar.

However, I had a crazy bartlett that took out 3 of mine, along with half my dispars before I finally caught him last night!

09/27/2011, 02:58 PM
My Carberryi eats everything. I got mines from a local reefer that wasn't really feeding them so they were pale from malnutrition. They were really pale but now they're eating everything and slowly coloring up. I think they're very hardy imo.

09/27/2011, 03:04 PM
I bought 3 females about 2 months ago from a shop in Ventura. They had been in there awhile and were eating well. Make sure they are eating. One of them was killed by my big Square Spot Anthias the 1st night. I showed him the carcass after I pulled it out while yelling at him, fahreeked him out. the other 2 have made friends with my big Powder Blue Tang. They are really cute and play in front of the display, rubbing fins on others in the tank. I would like about 5ea of these fish. I feed Rods foods 1x per day and Spectrum pellets 2x per day. I love all Anthias but getting them to eat well can be tough, best luck with Rods foods here. Good luck :fish2:

09/27/2011, 05:06 PM
I have two shoals of them, each nine members. Initially they started on nutramar ova, now they eat mysis, pieces of Roggers in the water column, etc.

09/28/2011, 02:24 PM
How well do the Carberryi get along with other planktivores, like flasher and fairy wrasses, as compared to say ignitus or dispars? I am also interested in getting a mellow shoal of anthias.

09/28/2011, 06:35 PM
They are awesome fish! I had 5, but I moved across country... They loved mysis, enriched brine shrimp, and right before my move they started eating pellet food. They were fun to watch and were always together. They really liked swimming in and out of the rocks and slept in a cave together at night. I received all females, I think, and one morphed into a male with really cool bright yellow fins.

I will definitely get another group as soon as my large tank is set-up!

I may be mistaken, but isn't it best to get odd numbers when grouping fish?

09/28/2011, 07:04 PM
I got 3 of them from LA about 3 months ago and one was an evansi so he refused to eat just about anything besides live brine which I hate to feed. then the other carberryi would eat but must have had internal parasites which caused her to die. I treated with prazipro in the DT but I think it was too late for her. I now have one left and he eats like a pig and even eats pellets. Just be sure to do 2 rounds of prazipro in quarantine if you get them. Also make sure you actually get carberryi and not evansi as I guess LA said they had a mix up with them. They did happily refund me and actually contacted me themselves after seeing my post on here.