View Full Version : octopus tank size

10/08/2011, 02:17 PM
what types of octopuses can i put in my 29 gallon?

10/08/2011, 02:54 PM
Before you decide on getting an octopus, have you considered:
-That you can't have anything else?
-That you can afford to give ir live foods?
-That they don't live very long?
-That they are hard to keep?
-That you need a sump?
-That you won't see it every day?
That being said, maybe an octopus mercatoris will be fine, but those are nocturnal. The only other kinds would be octopus chierchae and blue ring octos, but octopus chierchae would be better donated to a lab and blue rings are EXTREMELY poisonous, and so are never recommended. However, I've heard octopuses are very rewarding, so I wish you luck.
On a side note, how long have you kept saltwater tanks/reefs?

10/08/2011, 04:50 PM
-i know that, because they will eat it what ever else is in there.
-depending on the species it can be 6 months or six years.
-so i have heard, but so are seahorses and I have kept the pair alive for 3 year strong and they are doing every well
-i have an emperor 400 that pumps 400gph on a 29 gallon and along with the normal filter cartridge i have added a sac of chemi pure elite. also the tank has about 20-25lbs of fiji live rock.
-they live to hide in caves

im not looking to keep a blue ring, but maybe something else. also i know they have to be mentally stimulated with toys and puzzles. i've been keeping fish tank for the last 14 years with 6 of those years being manly saltwater. i converted most of my fresh water tanks to salt.

10/08/2011, 06:19 PM
You have an unfortunate size, to big for dwarves and to small for bigger species. And definitely don't expect a six year life span... Only a GPO would live that long, if that.

10/09/2011, 10:06 PM
I think a merc will do fine in a 29, but they only live a few months after getting them, unless you are lucky enough to get CB, eggs, or (more likely) a pregnant octopus. Baby mercs can be raised on mysid shrimp/amphipods/ very large copepods.
Also, the sump is so that the ocoptus doesn't mess with the heater, protein skimmer, etc. Drilling the aquarium is a good idea.
Go on tonmo.com for a lot more information on keeping octopuses. Good luck!

10/09/2011, 10:23 PM
I know a 29 would be okay for a merc, but in a tank that big in comparison to them, you would hardly ever see them, even at night. And, uh, ya. Good luck with trying to raise them... I know D did it, but still...