View Full Version : VDM setup. Which are B and RB controls?

10/09/2011, 10:21 AM
So I just got 2 AI Sol Blues and the VDM module for my apex. Now I might be jumping the gun since I haven't even plugged the lights in yet but I did connect the VDM last night. I updated the Apex firmware and the VDM firmware so it says "OK". I noticed that I have 3 new outlets. 1 white and 2 blue. I haven't done any programming yet as I know it will take some time. My question is which one is the Blue outlet and which one is the Royal blue outlet. Maybe it will make sense once I plug it all in and start playing with it. I hope my question makes sense.

04/06/2012, 03:30 PM
Did you ever figure this out without having to program it and test? I just spent quite a long time getting my programming to 90% complete then realized that the two blue LED's were both labeled "Bluex_y" the x being the module number for the VDM and the Y being the next available number when the outlet was created.

I guess it wouldn't hurt to just figure it out myself and I may get the change when I get home from the office but thought I would just ask since I saw your old post.

Also I decided to separate all three colors so I have a set of sunrise, daytime and sunset for each color. I will post it once I have it complete just in case you see any flaws. I just wanted to have each color ramp up independently which would give me lots more flexibility in how the sunrise\sunset looks.

Any thoughts?

P.S. you, RussM and Kenargo have some great knowledge and experience in working with the Apex controllers and it's been a great help so thanks!

04/06/2012, 03:53 PM
The second one should be RB.

04/06/2012, 09:05 PM
Thanks Russ, I guessed that was the case and was just waiting to confirm as my lights just started to ramp down. I figured that when I switched it to the SOL Blue in the module settings that it just added a second virtual outlet for it and then that would make total sense. I think I almost got this squared away and just need to play with randomizing the storms a little.

I still need to complete my dosing and ATO programming but I also need to move my main return pump first. My stand is starting to look like a sardine can I was really good at Tetris when I was younger and I think it will be a hell of a sight to see when I'm done.

My wife just commented yesterday that if anything should happen to me she needs me to write a manual so she can care for the tank. I told her she would be better off selling it LOL.