View Full Version : I need help!

10/11/2011, 03:04 PM
Hey guys I am having issues with my fish. I have a hooded fairy male that is acting very lathargic and almost cannot keep his body upright.he is breathing heavy too. He has been qt'd for a month and was fine until 1 day ago. I am very nervous about this.The only thing i changed was my salt i the week or more. I went from RC to the regular IO. Should I maybe do a FW or prizipro dip? Im really at a loss of what to do right now.

10/12/2011, 01:54 PM
ok so today the male is swimming again and can keep his body upright. however the female hooded seems to be biting him and flashing her fins. I have also noticed the female seems to be changing colors a bit. shes still solid orange, but it looks like her head is becoming to get a slight bit darker than the rest of her body. could this be a mating technique?