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10/13/2011, 08:48 PM
I have been having a hard time getting onto my ACIII from my smart phone as well as my home computer.

I have been going through everything that I could think of,

Thought it was the router... checked out fine,

Thought it was the Dyndns website... checked out fine

I went through all my settings on the controller, everything checked out fine.

Then last weekend I triple checked all my settings in the controller again and this time I accidentally turned off the DHCP, I quickly turned it back on. I continued to verify everything else. I walked away scratching my head and thought that I would try the phone app to see if it would work.. to my amazement it did.

Still clueless on what it was that made it work, the remote access stopped working 2 days later. After recounting the events, today I went in and toggled the DHCP off and back on, and it started working again.

Can someone explain why that happens? What does toggling it on and back off reset? Is there something that I can do to correct this?

Please advise

10/13/2011, 11:42 PM
Turn DHCP off and leave it off, unless you have set a DHCP reservation for the controller in the router.

10/15/2011, 11:25 AM

About a weeks ago, I had a computer guru come over and take a look and he was the one that told me to turn it on. and when I turned it on, everything worked.

Yesterday I did a little more research on DHCP. and realized that it did in fact need to be off. and I know why after 2 days why it couldn't communicate.

I turned it off and it still works. So now I have to wait a few days and hope it continues to work.

Thanks for your reply Russ.

10/15/2011, 12:08 PM
I was on my phone, hence the short earlier answer. ;)

DHCP is dynamic addressing; if enabled, when the AC3 (or Apex, or whatever) starts up, the requests an IP address from the router. The router will then issue an available address from a pool of addresses. That address might be the previous address issued to the Apex or it might be a different address. When you use port forwarding in your router, the port forwarding rule is done by destination IP address.... the address of your AC3. If the DHCP server in your router issues a different address to the controller than is setup in the port forwarding feature, external access gets broken, because the router will attempt to send traffic from the Internet to a local IP address that is not the controller's current address. This is why the controller must have a static IP address, which is done in most cases by simply disabling DHCP in the controller.... the controller will retain and use the same address permanently.

There is one exception... if your router supports a feature called DHCP reservations. This feature allows you to have the router's DHCP server always assign a given device the same IP address (and consequently, that IP address will never be assigned to a different device.) This gives the best of both worlds... the advantages of static addressing combined with the convenience of dynamic addressing. Many consumer-grade routers do not have this capability though.

I have a small business router/firewall, and I use DHCP reservations for almost everything... computers, printers, iPhones/iPads/iPods; but then again, I'm a (professional network) geek ;)