View Full Version : Voltage in the Tank

10/14/2011, 02:46 PM
hi guys..
i just turned on my Skimmer
and when i put my hand in the tank i could feel some sort of tingling on my hand

i have small cut on that hand.

once i turn off the skimmer and put my hand in the tank there is not tingling

this is New Skimmer..

any help

10/14/2011, 03:06 PM
Sounds like your pump on your skimmer has an insulation issue need a new pump. Or you can add a grounding prob into the tank it is a simple stainless steal peice conected to a wire that plugs into the ground socket of the wall outlet. But the grounding probe only covers up the problem of having a pump with poor insalation on your skimmer. if it is new I would contact the supplier and let them know. Also the stray voltage in your tank will cause issues with your fish infact I had a yellow tang that developed a red streak down is side a LFS steared me to the stray voltage issue. Found a bad heater and added a grounding probe. Good luck