View Full Version : problem with vdm

11/01/2011, 07:20 AM

i have had my vdm for about 4 months, out of know were the v1- v4 light stoped blinking and were non responisive. i reset it checked the firmware. the status light either stays amber or blinks green, can not get it to do much of anything. at one time all the extra oulets that go with the vdm were gone . some imes they are there and sometimes they are not. everthing else seems to be working fine. i aasume the unit will need to be sent back to neptune.

thanks roy

11/02/2011, 04:42 PM
problem fixed, neptune was able to telnet in and we were able to figure ou it was hardware problem, the usb cable from the base module to the frist eb8 was bad, replaced eveything seems fine now. thanks curt and nick at neptune.