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11/03/2011, 07:03 PM
I have a 220 gallon tank with Ich (72x24x30) The Blue Line Tang is by far the worst, the Hippo keeps a few spots, and no other fish show the spots. As much as I do not want to, I know I have to remove all fish and treat/go fallow. I hesitate to do so b/c no fish has ever died and the pair of clowns are breeding. But I must fix the problem.

Here's my plan of attack (PLEASE critique):

Cu= copper, HS=hypo-salinity 1.009

2 Occy clowns - Cu
Blue Line Tang - Cu
Hippo Tang - Cu
Tomini Tang - Cu
Yellow eye combtooth Blenny - Cu
Yellow Coris Wrasse - HS
Longnose Hawkfish - Cu
Six line wrasse - HS
2 Pajama Cardinals - Cu
Mystery wrasse - HS
McCoskers Flasher Wrasse - HS
Diamond watchman goby - HS

Do you agree with the above fish/plan of attack?

Cu tank is 55 gallons and will have a HOB filter, PHead/sponge filter, aerator, and PVC fittings and barebottom.

HS is 28 gallon bowfront tank and will have sand, HOB filter, PVC fittings to hide in.

DT fallow for 9-12 weeks.
Copper for 4 weeks, followed by 2x PraziPro, then observe until the 9-12 weeks is up.
Hypo for 9-12 weeks, including a 2x PraziPro treatment at the end.

If I've read right, I CANNOT let the wrasses go 9 weeks without sand in copper, correct? So all wrasses HAVE to be hypo'd? If I were to put sand in a tupperware container, the sand absorbs copper, correct?

Thanks for any advice you can give!

11/03/2011, 07:15 PM
if possible, i think i would consider tank transfer for the wrasses for a couple weeks then observation for the rest of the fallow period.

but what do i know. i might have ich all over again.

11/04/2011, 10:07 AM
Your plan seems mostly sound. Two observations though:

1. I would put the Blenny in the HS tank. I just think it would be easier on him.

2. Monitor ammonia and be prepared to do lots of WC in the Cu tank. That's quite a bioload for a 55 barebottom.