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Mark Bianco
12/11/2011, 07:24 PM
I got the bug and purchased a calcium reactor. I use two ph probes on my Apex to monitor the ph, one in the sump and one in the reactor. My reading stay fairly stable in both the sump and the reactor 8.1 and 7.6 + /- .005 respectivly. My question is; From what I read is the calcium carbonate will not breakdown until about a ph of 6.5 or lower. I have the co2 set for one buble per four seconds. Am I just wasting c02 and electricty. Also am I mistaken my goal should be to keep the sump / tank at about a ph reading of 8.0 My tank is a mixed reef with no sps yet..

Thanks in advance

12/11/2011, 08:48 PM
6.5 is not the min.
you can run it higher. i run mine at about 6.8-6.9 it keeps up with my 240 and MRC CR-6 Calcium Reactor.

in all reality, if you take some Calcium medias below 6.5, you will have a tube of mush!!
also, are you running course or fine media.
i recommend running course for new people, because it is more forgiving! also, it has less surface area, so you can run it at 6.5 if you need to, and once your maxed out, you can replace the media with the fine and you will gain surface area, thus allowing more cal/alk to be released.
once you use the fine, and your maxed out, you will be looking for a new reactor.

(i also recommend using a 2nd chamber. it helps buffer the water and raise the outgoing water's PH. also, release some random Cal/Alk from the residual PH