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12/13/2011, 09:02 AM
I ordered a icecap 250watt mh retro fit. Turns out icecap went out of business so I got a phone call telling me this and that I would have to choose another unit, no big deal. What I didn't like was the way they talk to you when you're asking questions he kept telling me everything will be ok in a smart***tone. For one why even list it on ur website if it is no longer available, also take the time and answer questions in a respectful and satisfactory manner. I also thought i might be talking to the Middle eastern version of "Peggy" and had a hard time understanding what they were saying.

12/16/2011, 03:42 PM

Pardon us for the experience, please give us call and we would be glad explain it better if given a second chance. Thank you.

12/25/2011, 12:10 AM
Par for the course, I'm afraid.

12/25/2011, 06:32 AM
Par for the course, I'm afraid.

Thread sees no action for a week, and you chime in with that? Excuse my skepticism, but I suspect that your post is worth less than what it cost you to write it.
If you have something to add that you can back up with facts, you're welcome to start your own thread. If all you've got is what I quoted above, everyone is better off if you keep it to yourself.