View Full Version : switching from 14k to 20k?

12/14/2011, 08:27 AM
Hi guys, Right now I'm running two 400w Hamilton 14K DE bulbs (exclusively), no supplemental lighting. Because of the lack of available DE 400w bulbs, I'm thinking of trying out the Coralvue 20k's (bluer look). My question is does anyone have any experience with these bulbs and how much par do you think I'll lose going from 14k to 20k? My tank is a 144 half circle, 30" deep, 90% SPS.

12/14/2011, 09:16 AM
Have you looked at Sanjays site and checked out the PPFD on each setup?


Depending on the ballast they appear to be fairly close. He did not test DE bulbs, but you will get an idea from the SE bulb tests. The Hammy is in most cases a low PAR bulb so based on Sanjays tests, you should be ok.