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12/22/2011, 09:00 PM
OK so please bare with...
After a few glasses of Jameson and my favorite house set... Shapeshifters essential mix 6-18-06 I was watching my tank SHOCKER!!!

That being said I can hear my via aqua titanium 100W & 150W heaters click on. I have a 175 W 14k MH with all pumps ect... on the same breaker. I noticed as I was watching that the color when the heaters clicked on the bulb went much more yellow than blue. Am I just drunk (I am but I saw it I promise) or does a big draw on a circuit change the "color" of my MH?

Has anyone seen this before?

12/22/2011, 10:17 PM
I think that a change in the current might have that effect, but I'd be worried about what's happening to the circuits. 250 W is a fair amount of draw, but a big change in the lighting might mean some issues with overloading the circuit. Do you have a friend who's an electrician? Maybe someone who knows more will post. I'm very ignorant about house wiring.

12/22/2011, 10:19 PM
not sound good .
I think in this case your breaker should have break.

is it possible to use the lights on another breaker ?

I run 4 breakers for my tank

12/22/2011, 10:20 PM
Fairly certain its a 15amp breaker. Olderish home 12 years or so...

Fishflorist what lights/heaters are u running 4 breakers is alot. (especially 20 amp if that is the case). I have a fairly large entertainment unit on the same wall to think of it in my state... hmmm house music.... umm running at the same time. could be an issue. It is the first time I have seen the "problem". I need to watch -minus the music and see. Will let u know.