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12/28/2011, 01:11 AM
Hello all, I'd like some input please.

I am planning on adding a larger frag tank to my system.
The tank will be 48 x 30 x 12 (75XWide). SPS, LPS, perhaps the odd softie.
If I only cover the center 24" with higher par lighting I figure I can use the outside edges for lower light corals so this isn't a major issue.

I had every intention of going LED but I am concerned about light spread (or the lack of).
It has me wondering about going with a couple large MH reflectors with 175W bulbs.
There will be lots of room above the tank for mounting the lights at what ever height will generate the required coverage area.

Nothing is off the table at this time but at some point it will be hard to ignore the much lower cost of the MH setup.

LED pendants would be ideal but I have yet to see something which seems appropriate for a shallow tank. The Kessil A150's look promising but are too small and not dimmable. I'm holding out some hope for the larger version but that isn't much of a plan. I'm all MH and T5 at the moment BTW.

Please feel free to make an LED or MH reflector suggestion. Preferably one you have experience with but this is certainly not required.


12/28/2011, 11:51 AM
I would use the same or similar lighting that you have on the display. Assuming you will be getting the frags from the display.

12/28/2011, 06:53 PM
tkeracer619, thanks for the thoughtful reply.
Not quite what i was hoping for but none the less very logical advice.
Perhaps I'll hold out on the LED's a bit longer.

Anyone using the Hamilton Cayman Sun? If so what height are you running it at and for what tank size?
As I mentioned above, I am open to other suggestions too.


12/28/2011, 10:53 PM
Well the reason I say that is generally you will want to cut a frag and put it up for sale or trade it sometime within the next few weeks. Once its started encrusting you don't want to be dealing with coloration issues.

I like to clip a frag, glue it to the rock, put it in the frag tank. and in 3 weeks have a healthy encrusted coral. If they don't have to get used to new water or light they will encrust faster with less chances for bleaching IME.

By similar I mean bulbs/ballast. If your running halides I would go with the same wattage on lumenarc reflectors. If your running HQI then the caymen sun is a good option.