View Full Version : Alk crazy low - what to do?

01/07/2012, 04:17 PM
I tested my Alkalinity about 3 days ago (w/ new hanna checker) and it read 67 ppb = 3.75dkh
also tested with calcium checker and got 527ppb

What should I do in this situation? ...i've never been one to dose, but kinda just want my alk to be in the correct range, unless keeping it way below the reccomended 7dkh-11-dkh is okay
the tank has been running 5 months, 40g mixed reef, I do 10% water changes weekly with Royal Nature salt.
everything in the tank has been looking great until a few weeks ago maybe, 1 montipora and 1 chalice have started to lose some colour

How do I raise my alk safely? and is Calcium alright at this level?

I just finished doing a water change, and my Alk reading is now 76 ppb = 4.25dkh (my pre-mixed salt water on the hanna checker read 134 ppb = 7.5 dkh.....)
Does anybody else use the Hanna checker, or Royal Nature salt?

Randy Holmes-Farley
01/07/2012, 05:00 PM
FWIW, the Hanna must be reading 67 ppm, not ppb. :)

Assuming you have confidence in it (I'd double check it in new salt water as it is amongst the lowest I've ever seen reported), then boosting the alkalinity with baking soda would be the ticket.

This shows how much you'd need: