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Vegas RN
01/17/2012, 07:46 PM
Sorry if this is a stupid question but I see all these codes for ato's out there but none that I think fit. I'm new to the apex and reading the unafficial apex write up but still confused. I have a dual float valve ato from Autotopoff.com that I had from a previous tank and wanted to use. It has the main float valve that turns on/off the ato then a secondary fail safe float valve to turn off the pump. I renamed #7 outlet as auto top off because I'm not going to use ORP and gave it a try by examples with no luck. The unit is set to run by itself but I figured the apex could help. For now I have it manually on and just depending on the ato to shot off like it was designed for. These are the other things I added

Fallback off
Set off
If ph > 8.29 OFF
Min time 060:00 Then OFF

Not sure if I'm way off or not but if anyone can help would be great. Thanks

01/17/2012, 08:31 PM
It sounds like you have a similar setup as I do; I also have a float at water level and one to detect high though I have 1 for low water; the later to turn off my return pump so to not burn it out.
You have 1 options; you can use 2 inputs (1 for each float) or you can wire the switches in series and use 1 input; I use 2 inputs and my program is as follows:
I use virtual outlets for my float inputs so I can tell the status as follows:
If Switchx8_1 OPEN Then OFF
If Switchx8_1 CLOSED Then ON
Defer 001:00 Then ON

If Switchx8_3 OPEN Then OFF
If Switchx8_3 CLOSED Then ON
If Outlet Return = OFF Then OFF
If FeedA 005 Then OFF
If FeedB 005 Then OFF
If FeedC 005 Then OFF
If FeedD 005 Then OFF

Fallback OFF
If Outlet NeedWater = ON Then ON
If Outlet NeedWater = OFF Then OFF
If Outlet Return = OFF Then OFF
If Outlet SumpHigh = ON Then OFF
If Outlet WaterBug = ON Then OFF
If FeedA 002 Then OFF
If FeedC 002 Then OFF

There is more in my program than you will need but I left it so that you can see other things I do; like turn off topoff when a wet floor is detected or when the main return pump is off.

Hope this help.

01/17/2012, 09:21 PM
Mis-Understood Sorry

01/17/2012, 09:34 PM
Ok, if I understand you correctly, you are using a standalone ATO unit.

Fallback off
Set off
If ph > 8.29 OFF
Min time 060:00 Then OFF

The problem with your ATO outlet program (above) is that there is nothing to turn in on. Try this:

Fallback off
Set ON
If ph > 8.29 OFF
Min time 060:00 Then OFF

This way, the outlet will normally be on, letting the standalone ATO unit do its thing. If the ph goes above 8.29, the ATO outlet will shut off, and because of the Min Time statement, will stay off until the ph drops below 8.29 and an hour has elapsed.

Vegas RN
01/17/2012, 11:47 PM
Cool thanks everyone. Kenargo your code is great but a little more than I need right now but thank u so much and I'll save it for the future. Russ that's exactly what I'm running and I'll make the correction u suggested. This code stuff is tricky to learn as a newbie to controllers but theyre the best purchase I made so far.