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01/18/2012, 04:41 PM
Well guys, the time has come for me to evaluate my dedication to this discipline. I have no time for proper husbandry, manintenance, and the funds to keep a full-blown reef system in place any longer.

I am selling everyhting I have. I post it here first because I KNOW HOW HARD IT IS TO GET STUFF FROM THE STATES!!!! And I ahve a TON of materials tht will make any and all reffers successful. I have skimmers, sumps, tanks, stands, ect.

Right now,my main concern is the livestock. I ahve a beautiful anemone with three fish hosting it. I also have an incredible Leaf filefish that has kept my tank aptasia free fo the last year!!! NO LIE!!!!!! If you have aptasia, GET THIS FISH!!!! I have some soft and hard corals as well. I have live rock in the tank. Lumenarc mini reflectors, 250W MH bulbs in them ran by two ICECAP ballasts...this is just to give you and idea.


I will go thru in detail and make a list and post it once I I am done. If you feel the need to get something right away, PM me here. I willTRY tro check it at least once a day...

Anyone in Japan is welcomed to it. Mainland included as long as shipping is reason or you agree to incur the cost for shipping.

Thanks guys, and happy shopping!

01/24/2012, 08:08 PM
Luis - i am about to get my tank up real soon and i am going to be in need of livestock. how fast are you getting rid of your livestocks?
Can u send me some pics of what you have. My tank is 75gal deep and I have all the necessary equipment already. The only things I would be in need of is livestocks.


01/25/2012, 07:18 PM
Would like to get rid of it ASAP. Let me know when you'll be up and running so maybe we can agree on a transfer date.

I have a beautiful anemone with 3 anemone fish hosted
I have one matted filefish GUARANTEED to eat aiptasia...ALL OF IT!!!!!

Really nicely shaped and porous live rock pieces.


01/26/2012, 06:38 PM
Luis how soon do you want to get rid of it? I want to get my tank up and running by the second week of Feb. Is that too late???


01/26/2012, 10:19 PM
No worries partner. That leads me to believe that you'll be able to take the livestock by the end of Feb maybe then? I'll send you a pm with my phone#. Call me and you can come by the house and take a look-see. if you likes ~ I hold. if not, then I'll take it to the fish lady or something...sounds good?

01/27/2012, 08:56 PM
I like that thank you. Once I can your number I will give u a call and we can arrange a meeting.