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01/25/2012, 08:01 AM
Got an H. Malu off DD two weeks ago this Friday. He's being kept in a mature (5 yrs) 180 gallon with sps, lps and other inverts (no other anemone's for chemical warfare) under CREE leds. I light acclimated him under screens over the course of the two weeks removing a layer every 3-4 days. So, that should all be fine.

I've tried multiple locations in the tank in 3-4 inches of sandbed. Dig a little hole for his foot and then gently burry sand around him. I've tried rock underneath the sand, just the glass, up against a rock, etc. He won't say for more than a day and the works himself out.

It still has decent color but appears to expell some zooxanthae as you can see in this picture. He'll deflate on one side now, a few hrs later it will be inflated again. At night he inflates all the way and works his way out of the sand. So, it still has decent response, but just refuses to foot anywhere in the tank. Flow is pretty low, anything too strong he blows away.

I can't think of anything else to do. Paramters are:

lights on 9am (RB only) 10%
10:30 (RB w/ B) 35%
11:30 (Whites on with blues and RBs) by 3:30 all lights run up to 100% then linearly ramp back down till nothing but moonlights at 10:30pm. So, its a full rise and set cycle.

nitrate, phos, etc all low to untraceable levels. temp 78-79 degrees, calc. 420, sal. 1.026

Any tips/suggestions? Its clearly not happy but hasn't gapped it mouth much and still has decent life. I'll snap another pic at lunch today. I feel it'd be fine if it would just settle but it wont. :(


01/25/2012, 10:04 AM
What's your Alk? I had the same situation and it turned out my Alk had been allowed to drift down to 6. Everything in the tank already had adapted but the new guy couldn't take it.

01/25/2012, 02:20 PM
Although you don't have any anemones, I wouldn't assume no allelopathy is occurring, other cnidaria besides anemones shed toxins in the water, e.g. lps, mushrooms, etc.

01/25/2012, 03:43 PM
My first guess would be flow, my h. Malu prefers the flow when it is at its lowest. Mine moved several times until I really turned down my mp10 and let it settle in.

01/25/2012, 04:28 PM
Yeah, flow is at absolute minimum right now till it grabs a hold. Interesting about the other lps though. I do have some rics and zoos, torch, hammer, etc.

Haven't had a chance to check on it yet today, hopefully tonight it seems better. I'll post a new pic.