View Full Version : Workhorse 5 not firing 95watt vho bulb

01/27/2012, 08:34 PM
So I have 2 workhorse 5 ballasts that can run 2 pc 65watt bulbs just fine. I was looking to use 1 ballast with 1 95watt vho bulb. It won't fire. No flicker. No reaction. BUT they fire the pc lights right up. Surprising since the ballast says 128w max. :confused:

I got One of these with matching end caps:

Wired it up like this (from http://www.jhlarson.com/ind_tables/FUL/ful_ballast08.htm)

Picture not working on my end. http://www.jhlarson.com/ind_tables/FUL/ful_wire14.htm

That didn't work. So I tried this:


No luck :headwallblue:

Only thing I can think of is a bad bulb. But I have no way to test it. Premium is local to me but I wanted to brainstorm prior to going back to them.