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01/28/2012, 12:39 PM
Ok I have to post this up here because I just finished it and it works pretty well.

I have updated my Graph page on my APEX to be able to save Graphs that I commonly run so I don't have to keep switching all the settings. It saves all the settings and then lets me name the graph so i can just re-call it easily and have it re-run.

Here is a picture of what it looks like. The drop down box shows some of the initial graphs I have saved. These are easily re-run by just selecting the correct one.


I have a bit more work to clean it up and then I will post some basic instructions on how to update your APEX with this feature.

It uses HTML5 to locally store the graph settings, so they are only available on the machine where they are created. I would love to be able to store them on the apex so they can be used from any machine but I am not sure if thats possible.

BTW. You may also notice my APEX screen looks much different, I have modified the web pages to move around the menu and remove all the bitmaps so the pages run much faster and are also usable on my phone and tablet.


01/29/2012, 10:43 PM
Cool idea, I'm new to the Apex but this does sound like it would make the graph viewing more convent. How do I go about editing the web page code on the Apex anyhow? Do I have to make a custom firmware image or something?

01/30/2012, 02:05 AM
Great stuff, looking forward to seeing it

01/30/2012, 06:04 AM
The web pages are easy to modify, they are just in the "WWW" directory when you unzip the firmware update for the Apex. No custom firmware needed.

I am going to clean this up and put in removing graphs and then should post it in a few days.


02/12/2012, 12:02 PM
Ok, I am going to post my first version for now. I am going to qualify this by saying that if you do not know HTML or are unfamiliar with editing files you should not attempt this right now till I can make it easier.

There are a few things you need to do.

Get the latest firmware and extract it to your local drive.

You should see a "www" directory under where you extracted the firmware files to, please make a copy of any files you modify or make sure you have the original firmware zip file so you can revert any changes if they do not work for you.

Open the file called "header.inc" and modify the fillowing content="IE=7" and change it to content="IE=8"

Localstorage is only available on IE8 (You may not need to do this if you don't use IE for your browser).

Now open Graph.sht and copy line that load the script high.js and change the "high.js" to "saveForm.js"

now go to the bottom and find the line that says ""< /center>" and insert the follwing line.

< div id="savedFormsDiv" >< /div> (You need to remove the space character after the '<', because this editor will not let me post HTML into it correctly).

The "savedFormsDiv" tells me where to put the controls for saving and restoring forms. You can actually put this anywhere on the page if you know HTML and feel like moving it around.

Now put the saveform.js into the www directory and then run the APEX flash utility and update your Web Pages.

This should copy all the updated files onto your apex and you should now see the "Save" and "Remove" button at the top of the graph page. You will also see a drop down list of forms that you have saved.

Right now I am losing my saved graphs every so often, probably because the cookie expires or something I may put in some code to store the forms to a local cookie and see if I don't lose them.

In the long run the best option for this would be to have the forms saved on the APex. If someone from Neptune wants to take my scripts and do that I would have no problems with them taking this over.

I have also only tested these on IE, so there may be issue with my scripts that cause it to not work on other browsers.

Let me know if you get this running and if enough of us like it maybe neptune will add it as a feature.