View Full Version : Fantastic service

01/28/2012, 07:13 PM
I had contacted the Filter Guys on Thursday regarding a RO unit that I had from them. It had been out of service for quite a few years due to a tank teardown and I was wondering what I needed to do/purchase to get it back up and running. Within a few hours of my email(which was in the middle of the night) I got a response of what parts I should order as well as instructions on how to sanitize my system. I ordered the parts that next afternoon and within a few hours had a tracking number that they were being sent. Today my package arrived with the instructions included making it very easy to follow and set my unit back up.

THANK YOU Filter Guys!!!! Even my OH commented on how awesome your service was and he was very impressed at the communication and fast shipping. Your email tonight to make sure everything arrived and was satisfactory was above and beyond.

For anyone thinking about purchasing a RODI unit. I highly recommend these guys!