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01/29/2012, 07:46 AM
Can anyone tell me the pin layout the APEX uses on the usb connector. Is it esentially the same as a usb cable.
I have 4 outlet, corded outlet strip similar to a dc4 or eb4 but uses a RJ45 connection. This is from an older controller and would like to know if I can convert it over to be used or the Apex.

Is there a way to use an eb4 remotely say 30ft from the controller? I would like to use this for my top-off

Just curious, and if this infringes on rules somewhere, Mods feel free to delete

01/29/2012, 08:46 AM
There is no reason to convert assuming you are not using an Apex Jr. The Apex Full and Lite have a control port for use with legacy modules.


01/29/2012, 09:02 AM
Sorry should have clarified that the outlet strips I have are from a non Neptune controller.
The ones I have are similar to a power strip and are rated the same as the Neptune units. They are all relay controlled which my old controller "Talked" to the outlets via a RJ45 connection.

I am curious if I can convert the style the APEX uses into a RJ45?
Too be able to simple plug into my units. I have 4 of these and would hate to see them go to trash.

01/29/2012, 09:16 AM
My mistake, I was thinking the control port was an RJ45, rather than an RJ11. Still, I would think it would be easier to convert than the aquabus. The legacy control port is based off of X10 protocol. I have no idea what protocol the aquabus uses, I would suspect that it is proprietary and incompatible.