View Full Version : Marine Land Reef LED lights question

01/30/2012, 08:18 AM
Hey Evryone,

I have a 220g mixed reef tank and I was at a store and they had the marineland LED lights. All the fixtures only went up to 60" so I would have to buy two smaller fixtures and rig something up. My question is, with my tank being so deep, and knowing LED's havent fully been developed enough with the right mix of colors, and also having heard alot of people having problems with algae growths after changing the lights, are LED's the real way to go? For the same amount of money, there was a t5/MH/moon ligt fixture that I had before and I loved. I liked how you could change the bulbs and colors in that fixture, LED's you cannot. But there has to be something about LED's that gets all this hype. I need some people with experience on LED's and using them with reef tanks about the size of mine. Im not sure about the depth but I know its 6'Lx2 1/2'w.