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01/30/2012, 08:06 PM
I know I need to buy an Apex already, but I am still on my ACIII. I am wondering if there are release notes anywhere related to the last firmware updates for the ACII. I need to find out if it is worth updating or if I should just let it be for now and deal until I can get an apex. If there are fixes or features I could use I'd like to upgrade, but if there's nothing I need I'll just stick with what I have.


01/30/2012, 09:22 PM
The latest for AC3/AC3pro is 3.4. The biggest changes in 3.4 from 3.3 are the graphing and the addition of a network setup web page. Also, the iPhone/iPad & Android apps require 3.4

If you have 3.3 or older - DEFINITELY upgrade. Be sure to read the readme.txt file in the downloaded firmware zip file. Make sure you download the proper zip file for your specific controller too... AC3 and AC3Pro use slightly different firmware.

* Firmware Revision History
New in 3.4
- Flash based graphing application
- RSS, and XML web pages added.
- new web page for configuration of network settings.
- allow feed cycles to be started from web page.
- init select press does not cancel feed cycle
- DHCP/Wins Support

New in 3.3
- Added support for AquaSurf
- Made smtp port user configurable.

New in 3.2
- Added graphing support to the web server.
- Added multiple feed Cycles.
The Alternate feed cycle is specified with a letter A through D following the 'If Feed' statement.
i.e. If FeedA 005 Then PMP OFF or If FeedD 005 Then PMP OFF
- Added Paramter to Feed Cycle statement so that the feed cycle remains active for an extra period
of time. i.e. 'If FeedA 005 Then PMP OFF' will shut off PMP for the duration of the feed cycle,
and it will remain off for 5 minutes after the completion of the feed cycle.
- Added Paramter to Power Fail statement so that the feed cycle remains active for an extra period
of time. i.e. 'If Power 010 Then COL OFF' will shut off COL for the duration of the power failure ,
and it will remain off for 10 minutes after power is restored.
- Seasonal tables values are now stored in EEPROM.
- Manual On/Off and Auto are not stored in EEPROM.
- Fixed email ALM name change on webserver program updates.
- fixed reset datalog command on telnet.