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02/03/2012, 12:56 AM

The members of NWRS are happy to announce our Fourth annual Frag Swap that will be held on March 17th at the Quality Inn (Holiday Inn), Rhinelander, WI. We are also pleased to say the Swap will again be co-hosted by our neighbors; the Upper Peninsula of Michigan Marine Aquarium Society (UPMMAS) and Lake Superior Marine Aquarium Club (LSMAC).
The NWRS is a reef club based out of Rhinelander, WI. Our membership covers a large area as far south as Wausau, WI and as north as Ontonagon, MI (UP). The Upper Peninsula of Michigan Marine Aquarium Society (UPMMAS) membership covers the western half of Upper Michigan. The Lake Superior Marine Aquarium Club is centered in Duluth, Minnesota and their membership covers northern Minnesota and the northwestern portion of Wisconsin.

Both LSMAC & UPMMAS along with a newly formed club Central Wisconsin Reef Society will have club frag tanks (for their own fund raising) at our event. Our event is growing in both attendees and area reef club participation. Inviting our "neighbor" clubs to get more involved in our swap does more than improve the event. It gives our clubs the opportunity to have co-meetings, other events like speakers and most importantly everybody can make new friends from different areas.

Where: Quality Inn (Formally Holiday Inn), Rhinelander, WI.
When: Saturday, March 17th, 10:00am - 3:00pm cst.
(Coral Trader setup, Friday, 4:00 - 8:00pm & Saturday, 8:00 - 10:00 am)

The 2012 swap will be bigger and better than last year.

-Our own Kevin Kohen will be doing a presentation.
Reef Q&A Table-
-Featuring Kevin Kohen (LiveAquaria Director), Matt Petersen (Expert Fish Breeder & Coral Magazine), Steve Krogh (LiveAquaria) & more to be added!

- The Coral Swap will have an amazing selection of coral, all at tremendous prices for you to purchase from our Tradersóall coral experts, in their own right, always willing to answer questions and give you suggestions on how to take care of your coral purchases.

- Silent Coral Auction - Again this year, one of our major sponsors Foster & Smithís Live Aquaria is donating coral from Diverís Den for our silent auction.

- Divers Den Coral - Drs. F&S LiveAquaria will be allowing attendees to preorder from their Divers Den and pickup your items the day of our event. You can save shipping charges on any item that is normally shipped from Drs Foster & Smith Aquaculture Coral & Marine Life Facility in Rhinelander Wisconsin. Now is your chance to purchase that Coral(s), Fish, Clam or Invertebrate, and the money you save on shipping, you can spend on Frags at the Swap! Ordering information and updates can be found HERE (http://nwreefsociety.com/simplemachinesforum/index.php?topic=1366.0).

Drs. Foster & Smith Retail Store will be offering a 10% discount on dry-goods & live-goods purchased the day of our swap! Detailed information, the map/coupon and helpful shopping hints can be found: HERE (http://nwreefsociety.com/simplemachinesforum/index.php?topic=1365.0)

Receive and Win Great Items -

- There are 4 ways in which attendees and coral traders can receive or win great items!

1) Free Goody Bags to anyone who registers as an attendee. The giveaway items are of limited quantity and are on a "first come - first receive" basis.

2) Coral Trader Gift certificates Drawing. The drawing will be held at 11:30 (so don't be late) and is free to all attendees. The certificates can be redeemed at the Coral Traders Table.

3) Door Prize Drawings will be held at 11:30, 1:00 & 2:30 cst.

4) Grand Prize Drawing will be held at 3:00pm cst. The grand prize will be a pair (2) of Vortec MP10w ES. Other prizes to be announced.

CORAL TRADER INFORMATION CAN BE FOUND: HERE (http://www.nwreefsociety.com/traders.html)

Any questions or help regarding the Swap Meet will be answered promptly by contacting:

mailto:[email protected] or mailto:[email protected]

OUR EVENT SPONSORS CAN BE FOUND: HERE (http://www.nwreefsociety.com/sponsors.html)

Mark your calendars for the SWAP TODAY!!!

The major supporters of our club and this event are:




02/03/2012, 01:27 PM

MORE INFORMATION & UPDATES CAN BE FOUND: HERE (http://nwreefsociety.com/simplemachinesforum/index.php?board=22.0)

03/03/2012, 09:37 PM
We have a huge list of GREAT Coral Vendors for this year’s Frag Swap! The vendors will have an amazing selection of coral, all at great prices. If you miss this Frag Swap, you'll have missed the best Swap of the year!!!

Beefy, Booyahs Reef (clown fish breeder), Budget Reefer, Captain's Coral, Coral Compulsion, The coRal nuT, Eye Candy Coral, Finland's Corals, Fish Doctor, Jim's Reef, John & Rob, Limpit's Reef, M M Coral, Meisen's, New Life Aquatics, Reef’s Aquatic, Reef Deep Aquatics, RuppertsReef, Sula & Twintrades.

We also have four excellent area reef clubs supporting our event and having their own coral frags for sale. They are Upper Peninsula of MI Marine Aquarium Society (western UP), Lake Superior Marine Aquarium Club ( Duluth, MN, Superior, WI & surrounding area), Central Wisconsin Reef Society (Stevens Point, WI area) and Wausau Area Reef Society (Wausau, WI).

Details & Updates for the Frag Swap can be found HERE (http://nwreefsociety.com/simplemachinesforum/index.php?board=22.0)

03/08/2012, 12:36 PM
If you miss this Frag Swap, you'll have missed the best Swap of the year!!!

Listed below are all of the prizes we have received or have commitments to receive (huge isn't it)!
There is over $12,800 in prizes to give or raffle away this year!!
That does not include the Silent auction items!
The items underlined indicate Grand Prize items.

MAJOR Event & Club Sponsors:

LiveAquaria: (http://www.liveaquaria.com/)
Diver's Den Coral (Silent auction Coral)

Foster & Smith Aquatics: (http://www.drsfostersmith.com/fish-supplies/pr/c/3578)
29g BioCube Aquarium
Free Attendee Bags

1 pair (2) of VorTech MP10w ES

Coral Magazine: (https://www.coralmagazineservice.com/psacomplete/new_order.php?tracking_code=Q12A03)
(2)1 year subscription Coral & Amazonas magazines, current issue of both Coral & Amazonas, 7 current back issues of Coral & other goodies
(2)1 year subscription Coral & Amazonas magazines and current issue of both Coral & Amazon
1 2012 Coral Calendar free to each attendee!

GOLD Event Sponsors:

Orphek (http://orphek.com/led/)
PR-T5 LED 24" 3 pk
2 - PR-T5 LED 24 singles

aquariumsAquatic Ultraviolet: (http://www.aquaultraviolet.com/industries/)
Advantage 2000 8w UV Filter

Aquatic Life: (http://www.aquaticlife.com/)
Controller ORP / Monitor Ph

Reef LEDLighting.com: (http://reefledlights.com/)
LED Sump / Cheato 12" light (in combination with below Refugium Kit)

CaribSea: (http://www.caribsea.com/) CaribSea:
5 gal. Aragonite Refugium Kit
Purple Up
South Seas Base Rock 40lbs
A.R.M. Aragonite

Chemi-Pure: (http://www.caribsea.com/)
Chemi-Pure 10oz
Chemi-Pure Elite 11.74oz
Vita Chem 4oz
Chemi Bags

Fritz Aquatics: (http://www.fritzaquatics.com)
Ammonia Remover
20oz Mag Chloride
3lb Mag Chlorine
1lb Mag Sulfate
3lb Mag Sulfate
1.25lb Sodium Carb
3lb Sodium Carb
1.25 Sodium Bicarb
3lb Sodium Bicarb
1.25lb Calcium Chloride
3lb Calcium Chloride
3lb Carbon pellets
3lb Carbon granule
Glass cleaner

Reef Nutrition: (http://reefnutrition.com/)
Mysis Feast
TDO Breeder Kit
Otohime Breeder Kit
Rotifer starter kit

Rod's Foods: (http://www.rodsfood.com/)
5 - multi-packs

Sea Chem: (http://www.seachem.com/Home/index.html)
Coral Dip #615
1 set of 7 AquaVitro

Two Little Fishies (http://www.twolittlefishies.com/tlf_home.html?lang_id=1)
AquaStik gray
AquaStik pink
CorAffix 2oz Gel
CorAffix 2oz
CorAffixPro 295ml
HydroCarbon2 1L
PhosBan 150g
NPX Bioplastic 200ml
NPX PhosBan Reactor Screens
C-Balance 8oz
C Balance 32oz
Algae: Problem Solver Book

ZooMed: (http://www.zoomed.com/cm/Home.html)
Asst. T8 24" Bulbs
Asst. T5 24" Bulbs
Retro Aquarium Ornaments
Can o' Shrimp
Can o' Snails
Mini Banquet
Plankton Banquet
Lg Banquet
1oz Food Flake
Food Sticks
2.5 oz food
& much more!

SILVER Event Sponsors:

AccliMate: (http://www.reefgently.com)
Reef Gently AccliMate

BowTie: (http://www.fishchannel.com/affc_portal.aspx)
reference Books

Cobalt: (http://cobaltaquatics.com/)
MJ-900 Pumps
6pk 1/2 oz Flake food
1.5 oz pro Breeder Food

EPO Epoxy: (http://www.epoputtyusa.com/)
EPO Epoxy t-shirt & hat

Kordon: (http://www.kordon.com/kordon/index.htm)
Amqel Plus 16oz
Novaqua 16oz

Limpit's Reef: (http://www.limpitsreef.com/)
Limpit's reef food
150 gal box of Crystal Sea Marine Mix

microbe-lift: (http://www.microbelift.com/products/home-aquarium/)
Special blend
Gravel & Substrate Cleaner
Coralline Accel.
Kalkwasser 1 lb.
Nite out ll 4oz

Ocean Nutrition: (http://www.oceannutrition.com/)
Instant Baby Brine
Nano Coral Food
Nano Fish food
Formula 1 Flake
Formula 2 Pellet
Omega one food
Flake food

San Francisco Bay: (http://www.sfbb.com/search_fish_salt.php)
FD Brine Shrimp
FD Brine Shrimp
Flake Brine Shrimp
Hatchery kit
Hatch Mix

Our full "updated daily" list of Raffle & Giveaway items can be found on our FORUM. (http://nwreefsociety.com/simplemachinesforum/index.php?topic=1396.0)

03/11/2012, 08:31 PM
Attendance is Free and you will take home lots of great stuff!

When you sign in for the Swap, you will receive the following:

1- Foster & Smith goody bag.
Foster & Smith t-shirt
Instant Ocean Gel Food
Instant Ocean Marine Chips
Calendar and magazine from Sera North America
A special bonus that will not be announced until the day of the swap!

1 - Coral Magazine Calendar.

So far you are at $40+ in free stuff and haven't spent a cent!

First 50 attendees to visit the PE Mysis booth will receive a free 4oz. Cube pack a 9.99 value!!!

If you are one of the first 50 attendees to sign in, you are now at $50+ in free stuff and haven't spent a cent!

1- Coral Vendor raffle ticket. All non club coral vendors are donating $20 gift certificates can be redeemed for coral at the coral vendors tables. Please note, you must sign in before 11:30cst to participate in the drawing.

If you arrived early and received all of the above and you win one of the many Coral Vendor Gift Certificates. You are now at $70+ in free stuff and Still haven't spent a cent!

Of course all of the money you have saved, you can then send it on cool Coral, raffle tickets for door prizes, grand prizes, special coral raffles & silent auction coral!

You donít want to miss this event!
Mark your calendars for the SWAP TODAY!

Details & Updates for the Frag Swap can be found HERE (http://nwreefsociety.com/simplemachinesforum/index.php?board=22.0)

03/14/2012, 01:48 PM
looks like fun, i will be there

03/18/2012, 11:41 PM

I want to thank everybody for participating and/or attending in our swap! We enjoyed you company and hope everyone pickup some nice frags, won a few things and had a great time! ! It was great renewing old friendships and making new friends.