View Full Version : Aquacave comes through - Thank You

02/04/2012, 10:03 PM
I've read a few threads on here where customers have not been happy with Aquacave due to bad customer service, out of stock merchandise, etc.. I just wanted to give everyone my experiences w/ this online vendor so take it for what it is worth.

I've ordered from Aquacave about a dozen times with my last purchase being the first time I've had an issue. Not a big order at all......just two 48" T5 bulbs. Upon arrival I noticed a broken bulb. The other was fine. I called them immediately and left a message explaining the issue. It was about 7:00pm eastern time. Without really giving them a chance to get back to me I called again around 11:00am the next day and spoke with Monika. She new who I was and new exactly what the issue was and asked that I take a picture of the broken bulb and email it to her. I immediately took a couple of pictures and sent her the e-mail. About an hour later she confirmed receiving the pics and said a replacement was being shipped out that afternoon. Sure enough that evening I received a tracking number and the bulb arrived a couple of days later.

Although only a $30 bulb it reassured me that they, at least in my case, did stand behind their product and shipping practices. I will have no problem ordering from them again.

Thank you Aquacave.


02/06/2012, 08:11 PM
I ordered something from their website, and it was out of stock. But they called to tell me this, and I had no issues with that. It felt nice to have someone actually call me, instead of a e-mail saying something was out of stock. If I ever need anything in the future I will try AquaCave first!