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02/09/2012, 04:16 AM
Hello, as I already own the ACQ 460 module and multiple Tunze pumps,
is it possible to control a Tunze WaveBox ?
If am right, The problem is that there is not any pulse on/off mode as performed with the Tunze Wavebox Controller... is it possible to create a new firmware containing a similar feature for the ACQ 460 to have a specific control type like "WaveBox" ?

The concurrent Tunze product 7096 can control all Tunze pumps and also a wavebox :( but I would like to keep using my Aquatronica installation...

Really thank's in advance for your coming answer,
Best Regards

02/09/2012, 06:45 AM
Hi Louis! Yes, with our module for Tunze pumps you can control the WaveBox as well.
It's possible also to control the pulse ON/OFF. The only limit we have is that you can do it only for multiples of 1 second so, you can program the ON/OFF interval of 1 - 2 - 3 and so on second but you can not program for instance 1,3 - 2,5 and so on.
Which is the pump you have inside the WaveBox?!
How long you want to have the interval between ON and OFF?

02/09/2012, 01:39 PM
Hi David,
Really thanks for your quick answer. In fact i don't have any wavebox for the moment but i am planning to buy one and i would like at best to connect it to my aquatronica. Correct if i am wrong but a wavebox pump is pulsed in milliseconds ?

02/15/2012, 01:24 AM
yes, I think it's pulsed in milliseconds but you can set the pump as you want, in seconds as well.

02/17/2012, 06:17 AM
Hi all.

The wavebox is nothing else than a Tunze electronic controllable pump that is mounted inside a box, and it must be controlled in steps of milliseconds.
Othervice it would be impossible to match the tanks resonance frequency.

Since we are aiming for the resonance frequency, the interval between on/off should be equal to pulse length.
The duration should be adjustable from 300mS to 2 S in steps of 10 mS.