View Full Version : RBTA Reaching

02/09/2012, 05:37 AM
My rbta has been in my tank for about 3 weeks. Once he found his location on the 2nd day he hasnt moved.

Is it normal for him to extend so much it looks like his trunk is about the size of a hot dog during the daytime?

If you have ever seen a zoa extend to 'reach' in a low light situation, its sort of like that.

Other than the behavior, the RBTA looks great. He is recently recovering from a split, his color is deep and he eats when fed every other day.

0/0/0, 0 p, 1.023 sg, 79.0 deg F. Lighting is a 24x3w LED array over a 44 pentagon tank with 10g sump (ATS filtration). I only have optics over the whites that are over the deepest part. The bta is located about 1/2 way up the tank putting the distance to the LEDs at about 16 inches.

02/09/2012, 11:06 AM
i have an rbta and a gbta and they both do this all day during lights on, i have them under MH lighting and they both stay about mid tank.. but stretch up to around 4" from the surface. i think its normal

02/09/2012, 11:13 AM
Yeah my rbta does exact something. He is also under MH.

02/09/2012, 11:29 AM
If it hasn't moved then its fine. One sign of a healthy happy anemone is that it has placed itself "under" some rock and then extends outward and reaches up towards the light. If it isn't happy where it is it will move.

Don't forget to feed it by the way. A few PE Mysid 2-3 times a week will do wonders for it.