View Full Version : my cs1 fed off of new mr5 reactor with biopellets

02/14/2012, 11:33 AM
I have had the cs1 for about 1.5 years now. Been an awesome skimmer. I recently upgraded to the recirc model and added an mr5 reactor with biopellets to feed the skimmer. I am feeding the reactor off of my return pump then i have the output of the reactor t'd off to feed the skimmer. Been running for about 3 days now and this is what I got.
I bought a silencer from a different skimmer and glued the clip to the collar. Hopefully AVAST will go this route in the future. Also had the wife cut out a sticker of the AVAST octopus with her cricut to put on the lid. Thats just me. I have to represent a great product.
I am extremely happy about the recirc and the biopellet reactor. Great products again from AVAST.
here are some other pics

Once again thank you so much Justin and all of you at AVAST for everything you have done and for your excellent customer service. Keep it up guys. Soon I will have a sump full of the AVAST toys. Next in line is the ATO and another mr5 for carbon