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02/16/2012, 03:35 PM
I am in the planning stages of my multi tank system that I plan to control using a single Apex controller. The current plan is for 2 tanks to be placed at different locations on the main floor and the ATO, auto water change and dosing to be located in the basement.

My control "zones":

Main display - 125G custom rimless with sump and custom stand

Nano display - 30G JBJ rimless on a custom stand, no sump

Basement station - Using 5 BRS dosers per tank the station supplies the following to both tanks - RO topoff (1), NSW for auto change (2) Calc and Alk dosing (2).

Apex components by zone:

Main Display - Apex controller, EB8, PM2 for salinity, Breakout Box

Nano Display - EB8, PM1, PM2, BoB

Basement Station - EB4, EB8, PM2 for salinity, BoB

Zone connections:

Main Display EB8 ------- 50ft ------ > Basement station EB8

Nano Display EB8 ------- 75ft -------> Basement station EB8


1. Should I reconsider having multiple tanks on one controller, and go with multiple controllers?
2. Is the distance between the connections an issue?
3. I know about the solid state switching issue with low power usage on the EB8 so I know I need to add something for the 4 outlets that will be running off of the EB8 in the Basement station, any suggestions? Or is there a better way to make them usable for the low power items?

Please review and critique the set-up. Any ideas or feedback is appreciated.

02/16/2012, 05:38 PM
1. One Apex will run that system fine.
2. Those distances are do not present an issue. www.usbfirewire (http://www.usbfirewire.com/Parts/rr-apex-xxg.html#RR-APEX-50) makes cables specifically for Apex systems in 50', 75', and 100' lengths.
3. Can you list exactly what you plan to have plugged in at each of the three locations?

02/16/2012, 06:27 PM
Main display -

1. Lighting - Using LED, but not sure what model yet. Will be SPS tank
2. 2 Tunze controllable pumps - 6105 or new model
3. Return pump
4. Heater 1
5. Heater 2
6. Skimmer pump

Nano display -

1. JBJ Unibody LED
2. Return pump
3. Flow pump Tunze 6095
4. Skimmer pump
5. Heater

Basement station (below are for each display tank) -

1. ATO pump
2. Water change - waster water
3. Water change - NSW
4. Calcium dosing
5. Alk dosing

Using the above pump design with an EB4 and an EB8, I will have 4 of the BRS dosers on on the EB8 solid state outlets and 2 on the relay outlets. All of the EB4 outlets will be used for the dosing pumps.

I put another version of this thread in the equipment forum, and it was suggested that I put a backup heater and pump on a non-controlled circuit. I was planning on this from a heater perspective, but hadn't thought of adding an always on flow pump.

I plan to add the main display a backup heater and always on flow pump, but may not have room in the nano display for another flow pump but will put a backup heater on that tank as well.

I do plan to have the Tunze's in the main tank on a battery back up, but I'm not sure on doing that for the nano tank yet.

If anyone has any ideas on the other types of reduntant systems or back-ups I should consider, please let me know.

02/17/2012, 09:51 AM
1. Don't run dosing pumps on EB8 TRIAC outlets. They must go on relay outlets.
2. Don't know why you wouldn't put your backup heater on the Apex. Just set the state of that outlet to Fallback ON. That way, it functions just like a dumb power strip if anything happens to the controller but at least you can do something with it.
3. Consider a louder alarm for the remote tanks that you can activate if something bad happens (power, temp, etc.). In the middle of the night, an email isn't going to help and the display alarm isn't very loud. There's a suggestion in the User Guide for a circuit fail alarm used for appliances that would work well in this case.