View Full Version : Brightwell NeoZeo Method & Algae

03/10/2012, 02:10 PM
Hey everyone,

Ive been using the full brightwell NeoZeo method on my tank. When i first started dosing the mb7, my nitrates and phosphates (10ppm, 0.08) dropped to zero within the first week. I then started dosing Biofuel and the rest of the additives. The color on my sps have exploded (just beautiful) BUT....the algae problem in my tank still remains.

Would i be able to stop using biofuel and start dosing vodka/vinegar?

Any suggestions of how I should do this?


Randy Holmes-Farley
03/10/2012, 03:51 PM
I;'m surprised you saw things decline that much that fast.

But aside from that, using vodka or vinegar is a fine replacement for the Biofuel. Just try it and see what happens. :)