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03/16/2012, 01:09 AM
So last week I was looking for some new frags in the for sale section and couldnt find anything I liked. So I went looking in the sponser section to see if there was anywhere to order some new frags from.

This is where I came across HighDefCorals and there frag packs. Pack 1 was sold but there was a Frag pack#2 so I took alook to see what it was. It was a couple chalices when the thread started but within a few weeks of them adding more corals it was up to much more. 6 corals total $250 shipped.

So I sent them an email since I had never done or known anyone who has done business with them and let them know if they added 1 more coral to the bunch I would take it. Later that day Paul emailed me back and said sure how about a frag of a purple with orange eyes echinata. I said perfect. 7 corals $250 shipped.

On Monday Paul emailed me the payment info I paypal'd the money he then sent me another email to let me know he had it. Told me they ship on Wednesdays for Thursday delivery.

Package came shipped from Fed Ex before 3pm in a sturdy box taped up nicely
inside was a styrofoam cooler with a heatpack inside and all my frags doublebagged inside another bag with packaging material around it.
While pulling out the bags to float I could see theese arent your normal tiny frags theese were great size atleast 4 eyes on the smallest frag and the one they call Punkin Chunkin was way bigger than in the picture everything was nice and healthy and great coloration.

Overall I would say I had one of the best online ordering experiences buying from them Paul answered all my emails the same day and was a nice guy. I will be buying more from them in the future. Thanks again Paul.

03/16/2012, 08:55 AM
Thanks Chuck,

I am please you are happy with your purchases. That pack did take a while to sell, so there was some growth from the original images we posted.