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03/23/2012, 07:07 AM
I've finally had enough. I'm so tried of local stores it isn't even funny. I went to el paso the other day and decided to check out the stores. I have slowly stoppped buying anything down there because of the degrading store conditions. So I go to Sea Creatures who I've dealt with for a long time--Flat worms--
So I pass on any purchases. I then go to the Coral Reef. They weren't open yet so I wait, and wait. At 1:20ish I drive away, this was the second time I have been there during hours clearly displayed on their sign but no one is home. Man I miss Sam.
So I drive on ****ed off and disappointed. I drive out to the other side of town on my way to the Salty fin but I know they have had flatworm forever and decide to pass and I went to Aquarium Concepts.

Well I eye everything and think I have found my savior. I thinking they saved my trip to El Paso since coral was my only reason for driving all the way down there. I speak to them and tell them how picky I am, I make it clear I want no pest, flatworm or any other. Well I see no flat worms in their tanks so I purchase close to $200 worth of frags. Yea!!

Not so fast. A few days later I notice A few of the pieces I bought were not looking so good and are rapidly dying off, So I stress out and check all my parameters but everything is good and my older frag still look great. Then i flip over the frag and Bam some type of coral eating nudis are going to town on the frag and then I notice the several hundred eggs. I have taken photos and I will post them soon. I need to get them off the camera.

So I'm done. I will find a company online to deal with or wait till I take out of state trips. I do put blame on my self as well I need that qurantine tank and to look even closer at my purchases but come on.
I think the people who recommend these local places have never been shopping in Cali, Florida or Arizona. There are also no place to get anything in Alamo. This sucks.
Photos to come!

Thanks for letting me rant and buyer beware.

03/24/2012, 02:37 AM
Pics as promised.


Not sure their exact ID but I looking.
I now have to wait hope and pray they were too busy eating my coral and not ventureing out into the tank and attacking other corals.
Just a waiting game now.
They only ate one frag so far and I fragged a piece of it so maybe I saved it. Only time will tell

03/24/2012, 06:18 AM
What guarantee do you have that your 'online purchases' will be pest free?

03/24/2012, 06:32 AM
I have purchased from several on-line vendors and even purchased roughly 70 frags about 2 months ago and everything wasn't perfect but far less problems than local purchases. But there is never a guarantee.
Local prices are usually higher and for the extra cost I do expect better service and better product and when I can't buy from local stores that clearly have flatworms in their tanks it is frustrating. They don't even have the decency to warn their customers. They have to know they are in their tanks, the flatworms are crawling all over the glass.

03/24/2012, 10:39 AM
I agree the Local stores around this area a terrible. I have lived in Cali and been TDY to Florida and even Phoenix has nicer stores than anything around here. Buying online is the way to go at least for Live Stock.