View Full Version : kalk/limewater vs e.s.v bionic

03/27/2012, 09:18 AM
hi i been usin esv's 2 part b ionic alk and calcium supplement i have nothing but wonderfull things to say about it,but im running low on cash and chemicals.i dont dose magnesium or strontium,and i grow sps with no issues,my question is if i cut costs and start a kalk drip will i need to does all the other elements? whats so good about kalk drip i used it many years ago,only issue i had was my ph was going way to high,but im also noticing ive been doing this for 10 yrs i dont even test my h20 parameters.my ph stays between 7.8-8-3,with the pinpoint probe. but i accidently added way to much alk and i hit a high of 9.6 it dropped back off after 2 days back down to 8.1.what would u use esv bionic or kalk drip? what i like is bionic covers every major and minor element.any input is much appreciated.Marc.

Randy Holmes-Farley
03/27/2012, 01:50 PM
If cash is the concern, you can make a DIY two part, or use limewater. Both are very effective.

I use limewater in top off. :)