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04/02/2012, 02:23 PM
got another quick question. on the Renew i use continuous mode for 3 g water change. once i set the dial to 3 gal and hit start it does 3 gal change and then goes back to normal but still shows 3 on the lcd. my fear is that is Renew gonna sit there till i hit the start botton again and do 3 more gallons water change or will it start on its own to do another 3 gal change on its on after 8 hrs or so. usually i set it back to 0 so i dont have an accident. am i being peranoid?

04/02/2012, 03:41 PM
You're not paranoid... You're thorough!

In continuous mode the RENEW will not automatically repeat. Therefore, if your display reads "03" constantly and there are no stage indicators illuminated ("FILL," "METER," "DISPENSE," or "STANDBY"), the RENEW is not in any active water change sequence and the Start button would need to be pressed to perform another three gallons. It simply displays three gallons so you don't have to set it there every time you want to perform another water change.

If you do want it to repeat three gallons every day or every week, use the Mode button to select "DAY" or "WEEK," then press and hold the Mode button for five seconds until the indicator blinks, and then release the button. The RENEW will then automatically repeat as instructed. You will know this is set to occur by looking at the control module's indicators. The "DAY" or "WEEK" indicator will quickly flash every five seconds to indicate it is in Automatic Repeat Mode, and the "STANDBY" stage indicator will be illuminated between water changes. Keep in mind, a three gallon daily water change means it will perform a one gallon water change every eight hours (24 hrs / 3 gallons).

Please let me know if you have any more questions.