View Full Version : dusty algae?

04/02/2012, 07:30 PM
so i struggled with cyno for about 5 months and finally got rid of it. now my tank has a dusty yellowish...i guess algae. it covers my sand bed and when i turn my pumps back on after water changes it blows off the sand bed and is gone for a while. any ideas on what it may be? i recently put a seaclone( i know i know) on that a buddy gave me for free until i get a better skimmer.

04/02/2012, 07:44 PM
Its detritus. Its the organic waste build up in the water. Skimmers help remover the waste while its still suspended in the water column. Mechanical filtration that's changed regularly will help a lot too. Getting more flow will keep it from settling like you described so the skimmer and mechanical filtration can remove it. Its also a good idea to siphon it out when doing a water change.

04/03/2012, 09:10 AM
Ok that makes sense. So suck it out and get mechanical filter. I have filter socks in my sump. Anything I should put in them? I had carbon in them when I first set the tank up but it got but it left black dust everywhere so I decided against it