View Full Version : Wow, I'm very impress of the reef ocean miser

04/07/2012, 04:58 AM
I just got the reef ocean miser, this rodi unit produces 1 rodi to 1 ratio waste water.

Out of 2 gallons on water, I got 1 gal of rodi water!! Tested by filling up in the 1 gal water jar for Rodin, and 1 gal for waste water, they both filled up at the same time with a little bit more rodi water.

My old 150 Rodi unit uses 5 - 6 gal to give me 1 gal of rodi water!!

It is definitely a good investment!!

My water pressure is 80 psi (confirmed with 3 regulators).

Water going in has 94 tds coming out has 0 Tds this morning, last night I had 1. I was happy even with 1 tds. :lmao:

I also tasted the ro water, it tasted sweet. So much better then my old unit. We hated the taste from the old unit, we ended up not using it for drinking water.

Good job guys for building this unit.

06/09/2014, 06:27 AM
After using this Reef Ocean Miser since April 2012, I am still impress and using this UNIT. But I made a little modification. I added a dual TDS monitor and a second DI CARTRIDGE unit. And I can let you know, I am still on my first set of membrane that came with the unit. Water coming out of the membranes is about 5 TDS, but after DI Resin, I have 0. The reason I added a second DI CARTRIDGE is because I get about 2 TDS from first stage after near the end of its usage life, but the Resin is not fully used up, so after adding another DI Stage, I can really use up the first DI stage instead of throwing it away.

Over all, this is a great unit!