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04/10/2012, 08:57 AM

I have an issue with my main unit ACQ001... I contacted to the aquatronica service (Massimo) a couple months ago and told him about the issue with the battery... in a blackout or power out the controller reset the date and time and aquatronica service told me opened it and check out the battery and it has a broken part and asked me send some pics of the broken part (one of the connections in the top of the battery)... since then no body answered my emails and yesterday finally my main unit DIED!!... the display turned on but nothing shows in the screen and I cant to sync to my PC... so... the full controller left to operate!!!

Please help me with as soon as you can!!!! my reef needs you...

04/11/2012, 01:22 AM
Hi Gen!

ACQ001 is a very old model, around 6 years and we can not grant its perfect functionning in such a long time. Now we are in the market with ACQ110.
Concerning the connections in the top of the battery as spare part, I think they are no more available in our stock because of the old model.

The only thing I can suggest you is to but a new and more updated unit but, if you want you can always try to send us back and we could check if there is something else to do and adjust your old controller. btw, the cost of this and the transport cost to the US will be pretty expensive and in my opinion I never would spend this amount of money only to ajdust an old controller.


04/11/2012, 09:44 AM
Hi Davide...
Thanks for your reply...

I know this controller is a very old model, I bought it from Aquarium Obssesed in Canada around 4-5 years ago... the controller has been working since then with out a problem and a couple weeks ago started with the issues...

Now, about the battery Massimo told me that maybe he could ship it to me a battery (he asked me about the model of the main unit and the photos of the battery) but he never replied since then and the controller left to work for leave it without service or without the spare part...
I know that ship out back the controller to US or to Italy or CA is expensive for an old model but what could I do is I cannot buy the new model by now? the controller is around $230us... and ship it back around $100us and ship it out again to me $50us maybe, so... like you said I dont think is a good idea spend this money for the old controller...

Thanks again Davide, I think the best option is to sell everything I have...


04/12/2012, 01:14 AM
Hi Victor,
do you remember when you spoke with Massimo? It was a long time ago or recently?
To be honest at this point I don't know how I could help you; even if I send you now a new battery I'm afraid it's too late :-(

Will you sell all others items of Aquatronica you have? Will you dismiss the tank as well? If you sell everything of Aqautronica and you want to buy another brand... this will be much more expensive than buying a new unit of Aquatronica.
Be informed that for September/October we will be in the market with a couple of new controllers.

Thanks Victor

04/12/2012, 01:24 AM
Hi Davide...

The last email from Massimo was on Monday, March 5... since then I didnt received anything from him again...

I meant sell the aquatronica stuff... because even if you ship to me a new battery the screen doesnt show anything... it turns on... but you cant see anything on it... even I cant sync with the pc so this control unit must go to the garbage... the power bar, sensors and interfaces, everything works well...

Can I send you an email Davide?

Thanks for your support!!

04/12/2012, 01:35 AM
yes sure!! write me a PM here in RC please!

04/21/2012, 07:00 AM
I check battery in my also old style controller one year ago. Based on my memory is standard ACU and i believe that it is possible to buy this battery in Radio Shack shops or other similar shops.