View Full Version : help need specs rsm metal halides

04/17/2012, 10:56 PM
hey soo i just swapped hoods of a RSM 130d for a metal hailde retro fitted hood done from a site.

i had stock hood and we traded problem is he doesn't know what the specs are he didn't seem know to much or what he paid for? so i am asking does anyone know any sites out there that did these kinds of work cause i dont think there are too many he said he had to ship it out and it was done for him and as i am looking at the hood everything looks good alll lights work and everything fits well in the stock hood.

im new in using metal halides always been using t5's and power compacts.
well as im looking at this hood it looks like there are 2 power compacts 1 metal halide and 2 led moon light.

soo need know the specs im assuming it was prolly nano tunners but problem is they are closed now soo i couldn't see the various options they gave out or ect.... need to know what the watts of all the lighting under the hood??? any help in trying to get the info i looked at the ballast nothing..... thx again

*side note* i also have a current 1/10 hp chiller to combat the heat from the halide really excited im hoping i would be able to house a clam... and going towards sps no more softies :) any info would help and also any other info like water flow?? ect ect ect... thx again

04/18/2012, 10:46 AM
ok so just update
i have RSM 130d with metal halide upgrade still dont know specs but i figure i'll take out the bulb and start reading it.
i also have a current 1/10 hp chiller all ready to go
i just recieved my tunze 9002 about 20 mins ago
still debating on water flow any ideas??? problem is i cant set anything up yet till we move we are about to move but, i had already started to buy the equipment. anything else im missing?? i also have a friend who is holding around 40-50 lbs of LR which will go on the tank any other ideas???
should i be build a refugium??? or is the tunze 9002 skimmer enough??
what do you guys feel about a QT?? you thinnk i can just buy a 5 gallon tank to fit in the RSM desk??? thx again for looking any comments